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So, who's next?

So! It’s finally happened! I’ve had this blog for 15 months now — and I never thought I’d reach this point. I know, I just revamped Wally, but it feels like just yesterday I was starting out as Gottagoflash.

That being said — I’m doing an icon giveaway! I make all my icons on Kid Flash here, so you can see some examples of that style. I also have more examples here.

So, all that aside, here are the rules:

  • Must be following me! You can technically unfollow me after the giveaway, but that would be a douche move. I will be checking.
  • Reblogs only. You can reblog as many times as you want, but since it’ll only show up as one note on the notes list, you may want to keep that in mind.
  • This has to reach at least fifty notes. If it reaches 100, I’ll be choosing twice as many winners, so on and so forth.

First place:

  • 15 Gif Icons
  • 75 Normal Icons
  • 3 sidebar graphics
  • Sidebar promo on my blog for a month

Second place:

  • 10 Gif Icons
  • 50 Normal Icons
  • 2 Sidebar graphics
  • Promotion post

Third place:

  • 5 Gif Icons
  • 30 Normal Icons
  • 1 Sidebar Graphic
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     Can you tell I don’t know how to make graphics? 

     So,I hit 400 followers today and that’s crazy. I’ve only had this blog for a few weeks and already I feel really welcome. Everyone has been extremely nice to me even thought I’m just an awkward panda all of the time. So I decided to make a follow forever for all of my favorite blogs. You guys are on here for either in character perfection and being wonderful ooc. Or I simply enjoy your presence on my dash. Both in some cases. So without further ado,I present to thee this short thing I did. Bolded are Young Justice roleplayers who I’ve enjoyed interacting with or watching on my dash.

➷  fatalaftershock, toomuchchargeroseravagerworth, xanodite, nagiarashi, freshest-lad-in-providence , aterviduam, angelwithalongbow, beautifulkoriandr,   recapturedhonor, hopelesskind, redhellrazer,heirofgotham, scowlingbat, unraveledwxrds, teenlantern,alientech-dealer, chxkov, slowpokejinx

 ➷ allxtimeastermaster, notxflashboy, frozen-delinquent, imperialbee, afutureworthcrashing, konelofsteel, celeritate, missmartianinvasion  prestoxmagic, thatcharmingkidfllash , kidsflash , flasharedblur, dicksassterexoraclebatgirl, wondah-girl and littleladyofmars

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When you’re older you will understand. 
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As information travels faster in the modern age
As our days are crawling by so slowly

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send me a ‘dibs’ if you are ridiculously attached to me as an rp partner ;

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sorry for not being active liked i promise, things got busy and i’m really wiped and gonna head to bed now, but i’ll be up and active tomorrow~!

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Send me “No Escape” for my muse’s reaction to yours trapping them between their arms.

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 { ask meme };  
uhhhh that group you reblogged from hasnt been active for like... 10 months :I


thats it, i’m just gonna make my join yj group and it will be awesome and active

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i spilled fucking hot tea on my foot and leg

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So you want to be a part of the YJ Tumblr. Good. We need at least four new and awesome parts and you look like just the civilian for the job.

ICICLE, JR. has been off our radar, thankfully, but… he might have some unfinished business with the Team, if he ever stops flirting with everything that moves and looks female.

LAGOON BOY is fresh out of Atlantis and pumped to make his place on the Team one day. He’s got Tula, Garth, and Kaldur to bond with, so loneliness won’t be an issue. Fighting over Wally’s crabcake stash? Yeah, that might be one.

FLASH, that iconic speedster in red, has been low-key lately, too. Not exactly a state of being that agrees with a speedster. If you want my guess? He followed Green Arrow to a karaoke bar and they lost themselves in showtunes.

SUPERMAN doesn’t even need any description; what’s wrong with you?

If you think you’ve got what it takes (and trust me, you do; we’re awesome – we send texts), come check out our main page, browse a bit, take a look at our samples and character list and what we’re about – and then settle yourself down, reach for a Reach for courage, and apply.

And if none of these guys suit your fancy – keep your eyes open. There’ll be more to come.



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